Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hello I hope this is a beginning of somthing that you and I will love!!

I have never had a blog before but I can not wait to show off my work.  I love looking at everyone elses and I love to show off my work.  Everyone at work and my family are getting bored with me so maybe other people will find it interesting.  I love crafting it is so much fun and allows me to show my creativity and to show off my family with a little bling instead of a boring album.  I have 2 boys and 2 girls so I love blingy things and boy type stuff too.  I get inspiration for all over I see colors together on things and think ooohh wow that would make and awesome page!!  I love to go on vacation with my family and always always take to many pictures aka the papparzzi in my family.  My sister in law and I have helped set up several weekend retreats a year and we are current planning one for hopefully Feb.  It is a chance for me to get together with some old friends as well as new and laugh, create and relax!!  So I hope to let this blog be a chance for me to share all of my works with others and hope they may inspired in a time of a creative block!!!